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My Personal Site
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I am Brother Jesudass belong to Society of St Paul. It is an international congregation that serves people through the modern means of social communications: Cinema, Radio, T.V. and Press.

I  have been dreaming about building a Site for myself and proclaim to the world and today this dream has been fulfilled, thanks to tripod. Through this site I would like to share my views, news, articles and my thoughts.
I have written and directed an Assemese film of 30 minutes with English sub-titles. It has been named "Jeebanor Rong".  It is a story of a girl child who was a maid servant but showed extraordinary interest to study and her master educated her with her daughter. After her graduation she took up a job in a tea garden from where she came and got appointed as a labour welfare officer. With a help of some women volunteers she  fought against alcoholism and instilled in the villagers the need of education and encouraged them to savings. Her reformatory works infuriated the manager therefore he employed some men to kill her but  she was saved due to the timely intervension of the owner of the garden and later on she was elevated to be the manager of the garden.
Br Jesudass